So I quit my job…

Yes its true. I quit my job. I’d like to say that I have it all figured out but I don’t. I’d like to tell you that I am full of regret but quite frankly I am not. Its been a long time coming. The quitting I mean. I am at this place in life called “there’s so much more” and I intend on finding that “so much more” rather than spending 3 hours a day in traffic commuting back and forth to work. There’s an old saying you know, I actually believe it too. The saying goes “everything is all for vanity”. All the work we do in an effort to climb some ridiculous ladder that was created by more people who desire to climb to the top of nowhere really. And when we reach the top what then? Are we suddenly satisfied? What is so significant about the so called “top” that we are willing to mindlessly pursue this unknown? Is it worth our peace of mind? Is it worth all of our time? How about all the time that is lost with those who are most precious to us while we climb another wrung on the ladder? When we reach the top do we then get to make up for all of that lost time? The answer is no. No we do not. We do not get to go back to collect memories and moments we missed out on while pursusing the top of our careers.

So with that said. Now that we are clear or at least thinking about what is truly important, I say again that I did in fact quit my job. It was a good job, paid well, good people and all. But I do not regret leaving to regain my life back. The hours I will gain back into my life are so precious to me that I am wiling to take the risk. This time the risk isn’t to try to make more money or to climb some silly ladder to prove to myself and everyone that I am worthy of such a thing as “top ladder climber” if that is such a thing. But no, this time I will be focusing on doing good, doing what brings me happiness and somehow still pays the bills. There is such a thing called doing what you love and I’ll bet it is your very purpose. We were never created to chase money and things. We were created to be and not just do.

So while you’re stuck in traffic somewhere, commuting to a job that you think you have to stay at because its your pathway to the top, I say stop for a moment. Take a walk. Go outside. Think for a moment of what your life would be like if you didn’t have to do all that driving and pursuing. Think of what it would be like to live like the birds who never fear or worry. They never go without. So you too, who are far more precious than birds, will never go without.

Yours Truly,

Risk Taker


Start Over

Ever feel like you just keep starting and then stopping all over again. I get going on my training and life kicks in. I start off good full of motivation and run til I get splints. This time this girl is training slow and easy..working the 2 mile base to get back up to my 6 mile show. Every other day is the key right now. I have a long ways to go! 10k is in April. I know what I can do…I was doing it before I took that fancy job. Nothing can stop me but myself. Here goes nothing!! #RunGoes#Day2#10KTrain

Back Away Slowly….

Oh how easily we are lured back into the same ole song and dance! That dance that almost ended the very exsistence of me so graciously entangles me and pulls me back in. The familiarity of the dance alone should warn me of the outcome. But its the dance that is so likeable, so irresistable, so decievable that I’ve forgotten the steps. But then it starts to come back to mind usually when its too late. A mess that altogether could have, should have been avoided has cornered me in on all sides. The funny thing is that the masquerade isn’t clear to me until I am backed in and completly broken. Now I remember. Now I recognize the steps, oh the steps that I have taken one too many times. I feel your pull. I see you for who you are and I know what you came for. I will not dance the dance any longer. These faithful feet must now lead me home. I’ll not dance to this ole tune again, this I promise you. 

Ever dance with the devil…..

When in Chicago…

 I must say that this city has so much beauty that I never realized existed. It makes a difference though when you have an opportunity to walk the city and interact with all of the great people there. I am amazed at the strength and resislence of the folks who live and work in this great city. Despite the challenging traffic the city is a buzz all day and night. Loved every step I took up and down the streets of Chicago.  I wished I had more time.   

Sunday runday

I’ve been missing these trails since the floods. Only part of them are open but never having ran this part it was quite the adventure today. There were some areas that I had to hike and climb a but then it would open up to a gorgeous trail that was runable. This wasn’t a day for speed but more for pure enjoyment. Running is sometimes therapy for the heart and soul while making the body work through it all as well. Love Sundays especially when I am running!!!   

In due season….

Often times I find myself sad as I think of those who are no longer a part of my life for one reason or another.  Remembering things that we endured together or what I endured as a result of being a part of their lives. Instead of being depressed about these past events or even focusing on the past… I am reminded today of the fact that I am no longer in that place I once was. Even though I may miss people that were once in my life it is not cause to dwell on the past. They were in my life during that time for a reason and that season has now passed. I am exactly where I am suplosed to for this moment. It is for me to give, love and forgive without limits to those who are in my life at any particular time. When I do this…in due time I shall reap what I’ve sown in love, giving and forgiveness. The more I love, give and forgive is the more I will receive in love and forgiveness. Those who I’ve dispered this measure on maybe forgot about me but that’s ok because God does not forget.  God is the rewarder and the promoter. He alone can and will open the storehouse so that I will receive a blessing. Keep on keeping on. Love and give to those that God brings your way…even if they never return the same love and giving. God sees your heart and intentions. God knows the perfect time and way to bless you. He is never late. Don’t grow weary in doing good. Sow the seed of love and goodness and wait on the Lord to bless you instead of expecting something in return from those you help. They may not be able to return your gratitude but God is able!!!