I have this insatiable urge to see the world. I don’t want to miss a thing. I am uncertain if this is even possible but I sure want to work toward that goal little by little until all that holds me back frees me so that I am able to roam about without a care in the world other than myself. So many distractions that clutter the mind each day to the point of numbness as we dredge through our mundane lives. Why not live to the fullest of our dreams? I am not talking about carelessness or the like. I am talking about our deepest dreams, ones that we often do not share with others for fear of their judgement or the possibility of never attaining this dream. We leave it unspoken, hidden in our minds, stashed away in our darkest place to avoid potential embarrassment. The very dream that we rely on when our daily lives push us to the point of no return. The dream we retreat to in our minds to keep us sane. Whatever that dream is, seeing the world, building a bridge, making a difference, climbing a mountain, whatever it is, this is the dream I am referring to . Hold on to that dream and don’t be afraid to make your goals toward obtaining that dream. All things are possible if we just believe. There is nothing or no one that can hold us back except for ourselves. 

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