Sight seeing

I am looking forward to my next trip in Northern Michigan for some camping and sightseeing! The water up there is so clean and beautiful. Thinking about venturing out to Petoskey and some other places I haven’t been to since I was a kid. I am looking to allow my son to experience all of the great memories camping that I had as a kid. The enjoyment of sleeping in a tent, yes I said tent. I love tent camping. They are easy to set up and so portable. I can’t afford a 5th wheel, nor do I have anything to haul it with and I don’t think that is really camping. I think camping is more of sleeping on the ground in a tent, cooking your food on over the fire, and enjoying each others company. The days are usually spent exploring around town or some sightseeing followed up by swimming in the lake and dinner at camp. We stay up all night and wake up in the morning to fellow campers cooking bacon over the fire. The smells bring back so many memories as well.

For those that have never went camping or it has been a long time since you have, I would incline you to plan a mini vacation to camp at some remote location. Michigan has so many beautiful campsites and places to see you would be amazed. I plan to take the family up the Eastern Coast to Maine for a week of exploring and camping as well. My dream is to see just about every state there is in the United States.



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