What if the person that you are around all the time turns you into a person that you don’t like? Stuck in a dead end situation full of way too much drama and nightmares that would not be present if that person was not. How to break the tie of a relationship that is just killing you from the inside out. No room to breath. No room to grow or be the person that you know you want to be. Smothering you to death is a life sucking leech. They refuse to deal with their own issues and instead just parade around them always. Brushing everything under some rug that unfortuantely has your name on it. If you are down right mean and nasty like you want to be, all hell will break loose and hurt feelings will flare in such a way that they may not recover. If you continue to flare up because of your angry towards this person, it isn’t any better than crushing them. The point is, they truley already know. They know that they are sucking you dry they just don’t care. They are so consumed with themselves and only themselves that they don’t stop to think for one second the effect their actions have on everyone else in their lives. They continue to act irrationally and irresponsibly to the point of no return and always manage to somehow drag you into their mess. The best part is how they always act like “it’s no big deal” or “there’s nothing I can do” and then complain about their situation on a regular basis but do nothing to change it. It is like poison to my mind.. Poison to my heart and health. It is a terrible example for the younger ones that see this behavior.

The cord must be severed for once and for all. The line must be drawn, eventhough it has been draw 100 times before. The guns must be drawn and stuck to. There is to be no giving in or pity. There is to be no turning back, only moving forward. There is no longer any room for you in my life. You have to, you must, move on and find another to mooch off of. You must make your own path and leave me to my life without your drama. Without your constant negative behavior.

Talk to me in a few years when you have grown up, figured out your own life issues and made it a point to do something with yourself. There is just no excuse any longer and I can’t live like this either. I have been miserable for a long time and you have made me that way. I will not accept this for my life any longer. It must change now. It must not continue ever again.


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