The recovery

Each day has its own troubles to cause enough worry. No reason for us to worry about tomorrow.
The road I was on to nowhere has suddenly opened up to somewhere. Maybe because I got off that road to turn upwards. When we continue going in circles to hold on to something or someone that does not belong to us the end result is never good. We must seek out our own salvation. Our journey is our own. No one else can find the way for us. We have to let God lead and we simply follow.
Surrender is a very difficult thing. It does not happen overnight. Consistency and consciously choosing to surrender daily is more difficult than it sounds. Through surrender the path is clear. When we try to make and find our own way is when we get lost. The way has been set before us.
The years wasted I will no longer focus on nor will I allow to control my future. The past is just that- the past. The sooner we forgive ourselves and others the sooner healing will come to our very souls.
For 2013- choose to move forward, forgive and move on from the things that hold you back.

There is now no condemnation in Christ.


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