Newness of life- The Unknown Road

I once heard a story of how life could be new again but I wasn’t sure how to get to that point. I have wandered around aimlessly in absolute depression and desperation unknowingly harming those around me who potentially cared the most. I was bound to my own self-pity and selfishness that blinded me to the way things really were.  I got lost somewhere, somehow, along the way.  It took me a long time to realize this and not without great sacrifice and self-seeking. Pushing all things away in order to be able to see the truest reflection of who I truly am and why I am that way was the only way to find my road out of despair. With no one left to hurt or blame for my unhappiness, I am forced to take a deep, hard look at just what the truth really was. I can’t tell you that this is the way for everyone who has lost who they are because of some difficult hardship or trial but for me, it was the only way. Nothing left but the bubbling brook that provides the clearest reflection of the inner and outer covering we try to allude to ourselves and others that it is just the way we like it.. reveals all of the deep seeded issues, hurts, and disappointments. When we look within ourselves and stop blaming everyone else for our unhappiness or for the problems in our lives, we can begin to travel down the road to a new and promising life that we have sought after the entire time but didn’t know how to get there. Letting all things go until we can be made new. Giving up all things that have caused a stumbling block or confusion will only help us to appreciate them at a later time when we are better equipped to handle them.

Never hold onto something so tightly that it wriggles and writhes to be set free from your grasp. If you love anything, anything at all, let it go. Learn to stand on your own two feet. Appreciate where you are and where you are going. Take time to smell the freshness of newness. The new morning each day gives a new beginning. What yesterday was is over and done with. Move out to the new direction, new promises, new adventures. Never forget where you were so as to see how far you have come, but never return to that stale state of mind. Appreciate each day as a change and an opportunity to live a new life without the negativity that once plagued your mind. Step out onto the unknown road to find the future that hasn’t been set, but the future that you make each day with every choice.

Enjoy your life.

Road to anywhere


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