Little Surprises

I would like to say I thought I had my life completely figured out 6 years ago. I thought I was in love, with a career, new home, friends and a promising future. It didn’t take long for all of those things I based my self worth on to disappear. This was a good change no matter how difficult. I needed to loose all to gain everything. I has lost my way. I had forgotten who I was. Trying to be someone your not to gain love and affection from one who doesn’t reciprocate the same can be so damaging. The fault is with me though for not loving myself enough to leave a bad situation.
That being said, somewhere inside me I found the strength that was already there, strength that I tucked away and forgot about to never outshine one who was insecure. I discovered again the friend that sticks closer than a brother.
After giving away, selling, and throwing away everything but the kid and the dog, I have realized all that really matters is family. Men come and go. Friends, homes, jobs all come and go but family is always there to love us in our own quirky ways.
If there is one who can love unconditionally, without wavering or destroying all that is dear to you, then open yourself up to that. The road doesn’t end with disappointment but it begins.


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