Time heals all wounds

Its been 8 months since I left to find work and healing. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him. The plans of returning a new person with skills and a great job have turned into simply returning with a job. Distance is hard but trust and honesty is even harder for some. Why have I remained loyal and dedicated to one that doesn’t seem to care about me any longer? I don’t have an answer except that to love someone truly is to love them despite their faults. Absence has made my heart fonder but has made his heart colder.
We can plan our lives but the outcomes are a roll of the dice. A probability equation. There are so many ways things can go and it begins with our decisions each day. How we perceive things or how we feel often motivates our choices.
Strange how someone new comes along to replace and fill the hole that was left. Every man I have ever trusted has chosen to have another. The damage that is done I can’t explain. The mess that is left because a man can’t simply be honest and say they are not in love with you is more than anyone should have to bear.
Choose wisely and carefully who you give your heart to. They have the power to reduce you to nothing with lies an deceit all in an effort to cover up their misgivings.
This heart is closed for future harm, hurt, rejection, deceit and lies. I will choose wisely or not at all.
In time I will heal. Only in time.


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