All I Need

Determining what is the most important people and things in our life and trying to balance them with the most pressing people and things can sometimes be a challenge. We often write others off that no longer do for us what we feel they should only to replace them with someone we feel meet our needs. What a refreshing day it will be when we no longer look at people or things as a means to satisfy our needs but instead find ways to be content with ourselves with or without someone or something meeting our needs. This will be a revelation in itself because we are so dependent and addicted to others making us feel good about ourselves. We don’t know how to be alone or how to just love ourselves enough that we give more love than we desire to receive. We are often so selfish and self-centered that we only think and move in terms of ” what are they doing for me” or ” how will this thing help me”. Instead of constantly looking at ourselves and seeing a lack, why not look outside of ourselves and find a way to fill a need, an empty space. When it comes down to it, all we are truly looking for is someone to love us the way we think we deserve to be loved. How can we ever find this if we don’t love ourselves enough to love others? What if we start loving others the way we want to be loved? Would that in turn come back to you in the love we so deeply desire?

People and things come and go. They serve our purpose for a time but eventually we outgrown them, or no longer feel satisfied by what used to satisfy us so we seek more. A constant discontent and always striving to gain this perfect love or perfect thing that we believe once we have it, we will find happiness. Isn’t happiness just a feeling? An emotion driven by our own selfish desires and whether or not our needs are being met?

Find a way, a path, to allow yourself to let go of this constant seeking of that one thing you think will bring your happiness. Look inside yourself and find the will to love that person that so deeply hurt or rejected you to the point that it hurts. Give until you can’t give anymore. Be content with who and what you have. Stop allowing yourself to be dissatisfied. Love others more than you love yourself and watch the transition within yourself. You will no longer have the need to obtain anothers love and affection because it will simply be given to you–becauseĀ  you have given.

Unconditional love means loving regardless of what has been done or hasn’t been done. It means to love no matter what. No matter what harm, hurt, or wrong that has been done. It means to love regardless of fault.

Are you capable of loving unconditionally or can you only love a person if they somehow earn it?

Love the unlovable.

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