In due season….

Often times I find myself sad as I think of those who are no longer a part of my life for one reason or another.  Remembering things that we endured together or what I endured as a result of being a part of their lives. Instead of being depressed about these past events or even focusing on the past… I am reminded today of the fact that I am no longer in that place I once was. Even though I may miss people that were once in my life it is not cause to dwell on the past. They were in my life during that time for a reason and that season has now passed. I am exactly where I am suplosed to for this moment. It is for me to give, love and forgive without limits to those who are in my life at any particular time. When I do this…in due time I shall reap what I’ve sown in love, giving and forgiveness. The more I love, give and forgive is the more I will receive in love and forgiveness. Those who I’ve dispered this measure on maybe forgot about me but that’s ok because God does not forget.  God is the rewarder and the promoter. He alone can and will open the storehouse so that I will receive a blessing. Keep on keeping on. Love and give to those that God brings your way…even if they never return the same love and giving. God sees your heart and intentions. God knows the perfect time and way to bless you. He is never late. Don’t grow weary in doing good. Sow the seed of love and goodness and wait on the Lord to bless you instead of expecting something in return from those you help. They may not be able to return your gratitude but God is able!!! 



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