Back Away Slowly….

Oh how easily we are lured back into the same ole song and dance! That dance that almost ended the very exsistence of me so graciously entangles me and pulls me back in. The familiarity of the dance alone should warn me of the outcome. But its the dance that is so likeable, so irresistable, so decievable that I’ve forgotten the steps. But then it starts to come back to mind usually when its too late. A mess that altogether could have, should have been avoided has cornered me in on all sides. The funny thing is that the masquerade isn’t clear to me until I am backed in and completly broken. Now I remember. Now I recognize the steps, oh the steps that I have taken one too many times. I feel your pull. I see you for who you are and I know what you came for. I will not dance the dance any longer. These faithful feet must now lead me home. I’ll not dance to this ole tune again, this I promise you. 

Ever dance with the devil…..


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